The overarching project objective is to introduce innovative approaches for precise materials fabrication at the nanometer and atomic levels, including additive manufacturing. This will revolutionize material synthesis, atom-level device fabrication, and lead to the development of novel devices. It will result in the discovery of materials with unique functionality and groundbreaking micro- and nano- processing engineering, advancing fields such as technology, energy, and healthcare.

Research Objectives Include:

  • Developing electron beam-based fabrication of 2D lateral and stacked hetero-layered materials on substrates using scanning electron microscope (SEM) systems.
  • Creating electron beam-driven additive manufacturing techniques at the nanoscale, down to the atomic level, utilizing SEM and transmission electron microscope (TEM) systems.
  • Advancing additional technologies to enhance synthesis and engineering feasibility.

R&D Objectives:

  • Build new research and development capabilities for electron beam additive manufacturing at the nano and atomic scales to achieve excellence in science and education and foster research potential.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of Institute of Environmental technology (IET), Nanotechnology Centre (NC), Faculty of Materials Science and Technology (FMT), and the entire university on the international stage.
  • Provide support for young researchers in their career development and pursuit of independence.

R&D Management and Institutional Objectives:

  • Improve the professional skills of research and development support staff.
  • Streamline R&D management processes at project-involved workplaces.
  • Promote internationalization at VSB-TUO workplaces involved in the project, foster an ERA chair culture, encourage openness, and enhance working and employment conditions with a focus on gender equality.

EBEAM workshop at DSL 2024 conference in Barcelona

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